Meet Francesca

I am UK born with Italian heritage. Both my parents are Italian. Being constantly surrounded by delicious food growing up, I have had a strong desire to understand food.  Also how it serves to assist the body to function to it's maximum potential, rather than just to serve for the pure the natural indulgence. 


I am fascinated by the way food affects the body and how it can influence the way we feel, think and function. I love continuously expanding my expertise, keeping up to date with the latest research and adore helping people achieve excellence in themselves. 

I started my career in the wellbeing industry as a massage therapist, reflexologist, aromatherapist and skincare expert, then continued to expand my knowledgebase taking various courses in hypnotherapy, reiki and life coaching.


As a Nutritionist I attained my BSc in Applied Human Nutrition in 2007. I had my Surrey based business for 6 years practising as a wellbeing therapist which aimed to help people heal themselves and simply look after themselves using food, holistic therapies and energy work.

Having all this knowledge and experience I treat the body as a whole and will use various techniques depending on what my client needs and wants. I help people tune into their own bodies to discover what they need. 

Tel: WhatsApp UK: +44 7525 749184 

Tel: WhatsApp UAE: +971 58 596 2283

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